Openwrt 网页多用户访问


1、vim ./lua/luci/controller/admin/index.lua

page.sysauth = {"root","win"}

2、vim ./lua/luci/controller/admin/servicectl.lua

entry({"servicectl"}, alias("servicectl", "status")).sysauth = {"root","win"}


1、vim /etc/passwd

admin:x:0:0:root:/var:/bin/false  //这样就不能ssh登入了

2、vim /etc/shadow

admin::0:0:99999:7:::  //默认无密码

admin:$1$IUy8Oqop$u9kDk9L5JyvKaa2UCZUCR.:16595:0:99999:7::: //默认密码admin

3、vim ./usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua

if not user or not util.contains(accs, user) then

if (not user) then return end -- send non 'admin' system user back to a login page with a user/passwd error



context.path = {}

luci.template.render("sysauth", {duser=default, fuser=user})


4、vim ./lua/luci/controller/admin/index.lua

page.sysauth = "admin"

5、vim ./lua/luci/controller/admin/servicectl.lua

entry({"servicectl"}, alias("servicectl", "status")).sysauth = luci.dispatcher.context.authuser

6、 edit /usr/lib/lua/luci/controller/admin/system.lua and change line 326 to read

stat = luci.sys.user.setpasswd("admin", p1)

this is important or luci will change the root password instead of the admin password under system->administration

7、vim usr/lib/lua/luci/view/themes/bootstrap/header.htm  //提示语言修改

<%- if"uid") == 0 and luci.sys.user.getuser("admin") and not luci.sys.user.getpasswd("admin") then -%>

<%:There is no password set on this router. Please configure a admin password to protect the web interface and enable SSH.%><br>

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